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    Howard Capital Management is a Limited Partnership dedicated to the creation of wealth through partnership, innovation in finance, investment in opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures. We are a knowledgeable financier with a deep set of industry and capital markets relationships. Howard Capital Management invests substantial amounts of capital behind strong management teams and provides long-term and active board-level assistance to those teams to help them create and realize value. Howard Capital Management invests in a variety of transactions including joint venture partnerships, leveraged buyout and recapitalizations, stock purchases from early shareholders, and financing for growth either organically or by acquisition. Howard Capital Management typically invests in growing, profitable private companies, in privately negotiated Units in public companies, and in leveraged acquisitions of independent companies or divisions of larger companies. We do not get involved in day to day operations, but we add value by making introductions to customers and strategic partners; recruiting additional operating executives and directors; identifying, evaluating, and financing acquisitions; evaluating corporate strategy.






  • The affluent individual, in general, has many unique exposures that come with their lifestyle. Becoming an expert in this area requires knowledge of their way of life and experience in asking the right questions to ensure proper coverage. Annual risk assessments are imperative and set the stage to find answers to questions about net worth, assets, collections and perhaps the purchase of a summer cottage.

  • Wealth Preservation

    High Net Worth Foreign National


    High net worth individuals and families exist all over the world. In today's global economy, we have clients with friends or relatives living abroad who are looking to buy life insurance from U.S. based companies. Whether for business planning, wealth transfer, legacy planning, wealth accumulation or family protection, many foreign nationals are motivated by having monies outside their country of residence. They desire the stability of US dollar denominated coverage, asset diversification and protection against any governmental changes or mandates that can negatively impact personal income and net worth. In addition, US based insurance coverage provides recognizable carrier brand names, more product choices and options, better pricing, underwriting capacity to handle the largest cases, and US dollar liquidity via policy withdrawals or payment at time of death. Global wealth increased by $21.9 trillion in 2013 according to the 2104 Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse, an 8.3 percent gain over the previous year. This marks the first time that global wealth has exceeded $250 trillion. The report projects that by the year 2020 global wealth may reach $369 trillion.


    How Big is the Market?

    The Foreign National market is large and undeserved. For example: Foreign born residents of the U.S. now represent in 13% of the U.S. population — about 40 million people. Wealth in the Asia-Pacific region surpassed that of North America three years ago, and the margin is increasing. There are more high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients from this region as compared to North America. Further, Asia has many more millionaires. Foreign investment in the U.S. is growing. Overseas investors account for over 20% of investments in U.S. stocks and 43% of investments in our debt. In excess of $100 billion of U.S. residential real estate is purchased yearly by Foreign Nationals living outside of the U.S. More than 10 percent of foreign buyers paid $1 million and over for their property compared to less than three percent in this price range among all U.S. existing single-family home buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors.

  • we Will:

    • Help analyze your individual and family needs and goals

    • Give you sound, unbiased advice

    • Execute your plans and requests flawlessly

    • Keep you well informed with timely information so you can always make quick, smart decisions.

    • Capital Research and Risk Management of investment portfolios. For family offices, Private foundations, Trusts and ultra high net worth individuals.

  • We create radical relationships

    Melvin J. Howard formed Howard Capital Management to manage a portion of his personal investments alone with a close set of other wealthy families and individuals. He was responsible for organizing the investments and holdings of the group and acting as a platform to explore further opportunities. As such we understand the complex needs of high net worth, and ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. Mr. Howard has spent years cultivating relationships with some of the top professionals in the country, and their network, experience and client focus, creating lasting legacies. Mr. Howard got his start in the health care industry spanning over thirty years overseeing the medical division of an American public relation and lobbying firm. He was responsible for the international expansions of the firm’s medical clients such as Squibb, Proctor and Gamble, Merck Frost and McDonnell Douglas where he facilitated over 1.3 Billion Dollars in counter trade transactions.

    Proper planning is critical to successfully maximizing the wealth for current and future generations. Proper preparation requires employing sophisticated techniques, most typically the orchestration of multiple trusts, a family foundation, family limited partnerships, LLC, and so forth. We are perfectly suited to work with you and your estate planning attorney and other wealth transfer specialists to concept innovative ways your wealth can be used to achieve personal and family goals.

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