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    Welcome to Howard Capital Management, Melvin J. Howard formed Howard Capital Management to manage a portion of his personal investments alone with a close set of other wealthy families and individuals. He was responsible for organizing the investments and holdings of the group and acting as a platform to explore further opportunities. As such we understand the complex needs of high net worth, and ultra-high net worth individuals and their families. Mr. Howard has spent years cultivating relationships with some of the top professionals in the country, and their network, experience and client focus, creating lasting legacies. Mr. Howard got his start in the health care industry spanning over twenty-seven years overseeing the medical division of an American public relation and lobbying firm. He was responsible for the international expansions of the firm’s medical clients such as Squibb, Proctor and Gamble, Merck Frost and McDonnell Douglas where he facilitated over 1.3 Billion Dollars in counter trade transactions. Our mission is to help individuals and business owners develop financial objectives, and achieve those objectives through various financial, investment and consulting services that are designed to meet their present and future needs. We work with only the best high net worth insurance and loan providers to create comprehensive programs adapted to each client’s individual needs. By doing this, we help to ensure that your wealth is kept safe and intact, with the ability to grow and adapt with you, your family, and your lifestyle. Understanding and protecting yourself from the complex risks associated with greater achievement and the acquisition of assets is key to ensuring continued success.


    Personal fulfillment, with a legacy plan that reflects your social concerns, special interests, motivations and degree of commitment. Enhancement of family education through the giving process by providing a structured and guided way for heirs to actively participate in the management of philanthropic efforts. Ensures maintenance of family ties of future generations. Significant income and estate tax savings can be achieved through philanthropic giving. We understand that most successful individuals deal with numbers. But that does not mean they want to be treated like one. At Howard Capital Management we take the time to get to know each of our clients and provide you with customized personal service not found in most brokerages. Much like the way you rely on your accountant or attorney for advice, our goal is to become your trusted risk management advisor. We know how to develop products and services that are smart and effective.






  • Wealth Preservation


    Estate Planning

  • An Objective View of Wealth Management Services we: 

    • Help analyze your individual and family needs and goals

    • Give you sound, unbiased advice

    • Execute your plans and requests flawlessly

    • Keep you well informed with timely information so you can always make quick, smart decisions.

    • Capital Research and Risk Management of investment portfolios. For family offices, Private foundations, Trusts and ultra high net worth individuals.

  • We create radical relationships

    You need more than traditional wealth management. You need someone who can bring professional organization to the complexity of your financial and personal worlds. We work closely with you to develop a collaborative plan to complement the services provided by other advisors. Howard Capital Management will provide a comprehensive diagnostic review and strategic plan to meet your estate needs. Initial review of current situation and existing estate and trust documents. Discussion of possible wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution strategies. Integration of estate plan with tax, investment, financial, business, and insurance planning. Resolution of immediate needs, such as guardian issues or living wills. Plan development to manage problems associated with a sizable inheritance or wealth generating event . A strategy focused on multi-generational planning.Tax-efficient strategies for the transfer of wealth. We will identify assets and how they are titled, analyzes current situation and vulnerabilities, and reviews current carriers and their ratings.

    Proper planning is critical to successfully maximizing the wealth for current and future generations. Proper preparation requires employing sophisticated techniques, most typically the orchestration of multiple trusts, a family foundation, family limited partnerships, LLC, and so forth. We are perfectly suited to work with you and your estate planning attorney and other wealth transfer specialists to concept innovative ways your wealth can be used to achieve personal and family goals.


    Risk management

    Premium financing

    Small business loans

    Life, Health, Medical, Long-term care, Accident and disabiliy Insurance


    Estate Planning

    Funding a Buy-Sell Agreement

    Business owner/key executive compensation benefit planning

    Captive Management

    Employee incentive and benefit plans


    Life Settlements


    Protected income for life

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